Open front rounded vowel

Vowels beside dots are: unrounded • rounded

The almost open front rounded vowel, or most low front rounded vowel, is a type of X-SAMPA symbol is &. a letter ⟨ɶ⟩ is a Œ⟩. ⟨œ⟩, the lowercase relation of the ligature, is used for the open-mid front rounded vowel.

While the IPA chart lists it as a fully open vowel, the rounded equivalent of [a], Ladefoged characterizes it as near-open, the rounded equivalent of [æ].

A phoneme broadly transcribed by this symbol is made from the Bavarian dialect of Amstetten. However, this is the phonetically open-mid, ].

It occurs allophonically in Weert Limburgish as living as in some speakers of Danish & Swedish.transcriptions of Danish use ⟨ɶ⟩ to denote an open-mid front rounded vowel ].

In Mestreechter Taol dictionary is phonetically near-open central ]. this is the a phonological open-mid front rounded vowel, the long counterpart of /œ/.

Riad 2014 reports that [ɶː] in Stockholm Swedish is sometimes difficult to distinguish from ], which is the leading realization of the /ɑː/ phoneme, athat both vowels are phonetically very close.